Platinum American Eagle 1-oz Proof

as low as $1,220.87

Platinum Eagle

The American Platinum Eagle is one of the world’s most popular platinum coins. In comparison to gold and silver, there are relatively few platinum coins minted into existence today. This is partially due to the high cost and difficulty of manufacturing for this precious metal.

The Platinum Eagle displays a unique design never before seen on US coinage. The obverse features a prominent display of the Statue of Liberty, one of our nation’s greatest symbols of freedom and prosperity. Through the crown of the statue reads the word “Liberty,” which is consistently minted on all modern US bullion coinage.

The reverse of the American Platinum Eagle shows a single soaring eagle on the horizon in glowing sunrays. As with all American Eagle designs, this coin’s design confidently depicts the strength and fortitude of this great nation.

The Platinum Eagle is the only investment grade platinum coin minted by the US Mint. Collectors and investors enjoy its unique design along with its store of value for investment portfolios. This platinum coin is eligible for placement in precious metal IRA accounts and can help diversify your hard asset holdings.

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